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Zendai Group was founded in 1992.

It is a conglomerate consisting of 3 major businesses urban development,tourism development,finance with resource development and Internet industry as growing businesses.It has approximately 7200 employees and owes assets totaling in RMB 30 billion.

In the real-estate area, Zendai Group is an urban complex developer specializing in commercial real estate .The company has a professional team capable of doing construction, operation and management both domestically and overseas.

Thumb Plaza, the first community based commercial center in Shanghai, has become one of the most successful business models in real estate development. Other prominent examples of Zendai’s creation include Mandarin Palace, a group of Chinese-style luxury villas, and Himalaya Center, which won China Central Television’s ‘Designing for China Award’ and has become a new landmark of Shanghai.

In its tourism development, Zendai Group owns several 5 star hotel in Shanghai and Qingdao, collaborating with world renewed luxury hotel brand names including Radisson, Jumeirah and Banyan Tree.

Zendai’s Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel in Shanghai was recently voted as“ International Hotel of the Year” by the European Hospitality Award, the only hotel nominated from China.

Zendai’s financial service sector includes funds management, private equity, trust, micro-finance services, and arts investment, with priority on micro-finance programs. Zendai Credit, the micro-loan company of the group, has established more than 100 branches and outlets nation-wide with approximately 5000employees.

International investment, especially in mining and agriculture, is Zendai’s new direction. For the past few years, Zendai group has been seeking potential investment in Asia, Africa and South America.

As a business caring about its social responsibility, Zendai has always devoted itself to social charity. Over time, the company has donated more than RMB 100 million to different charity programs. In gratitude to the society, Zendai believes in making the world better for future generations.